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2017 has seen an almost unparalleled proliferation of handbags for women coming to the market. This development has, in all likelihood, resulted from increased demand for more functional handbags which still retain their inherent fashionable design. As a discerning woman therefore, you cannot afford top settle for anything less than the best of what is currently on offer. To help you in making this choice, we evaluated dozens of women’s handbags coming into the market to establish which ones meet the basic criteria for functional suitability, stylish workmanship, value for money and acceptable storage organization. It was no mean task to arrive at the ten best performing handbags in this sense. But when all is said and done, you will find this guide to the top 10 best handbags for women as the most trustworthy in terms of credence and coverage of the best brands selling online at the moment. 

Top 10. MICHAEL KORS Fulton Leather Large Tote Shoulder Handbag

Leather Large Tote Shoulder Handbag


The MICHAEL KORS brand is among the most fashionable in the current century. This handbag is further proof that you need not lay aside your fashion aspirations if you are looking to own a handbag that is also big in terms of functional utility value for every day use requirements. The handbag is made from real leather and is soft enough to meet your quest for the best. The pebbled interior, equally made of leather lining, will help protect your valuables and makes certain that the bag lasts for a long time. The fashion credentials of the handbag are further enhanced in the form of a twin set of dual partial chain link shoulder straps. In terms of organization this fashionable handbag scores highly too. There is one zippered pocket and three open ones to help you keep everything handy. There is also an external pouch to keep your phone as well.

Top 9. Micom 2017 Summer Womens Pure Color Pu Leather Boutique Tote Bags

Micom 2016 Summer Womens Pure Color Pu Leather Boutique Tote Bags


Quality and style meet convenience when you get to own this stylish handbag for all discerning women. It is not only designed to last for many years but it is also certain to deliver full utility value all throughout the years you will retain it in your collection. The handbag is made from a form or top grade patent leather to guarantee its softness and stylish essence. Its combination of compartments, pouches and pockets offer you one of the most versatile storage options available for this class of handbags. Now you can also order yours in a color finish that suits your style or the personality of the recipient of your gift idea.

Top 8. Ilishop High Quality Women’s New Fashion Handbag

Ilishop High Quality Women's New Fashion Handbag


If versatility of use and convenience are high in your list of factors as you shop around for a great handbag this year, you will find that this Ilishop fashion handbag will meet your needs handily. The bag is available in two different sizes so as to offer you the choice that meets your budget and actual needs as a woman of style. The handbag is fitted with one of the most ergonomic leather shoulder straps which can be adjusted in length to fit you or removed off altogether when it is no longer necessary to carry your handbag in that style. In that case you have the option of lugging the bag around using just the pair of grip handles. The fact that Ilishop is a well established American brand with a stable pedigree should also assure you that the quality of this handbag is without doubt among the highest you will encounter online this year.

Top 7. ® Womens Vintage Shoulder Bag

Womens Vintage Shoulder Bag


While no one can argue with the fact that every woman is different and different women consider different factors when selecting a handbag, this Heshe handbag ticks so many boxes in virtually all women’s criteria for a dream handbag that it is safe to assume it can be considered as the most universally appealing handbag of 2017. You can trust the quality materials as well as the unimpeachable workmanship of the manufacturer to guarantee that the handbag lasts for a long time and delivers quality use in all that while. The zippered enclosure ensures complete security without making it any harder than necessary to get what you want when you want it. To the interior are two main pockets both of generous dimensions to help you keep everything handy. It is also sold with an adjustable as well as removable leather shoulder strap to help you carry it around with ease and convenience.

Top 6. Isaac Mizrahi Designer Handbag

Isaac Mizrahi Designer Handbag


While there are many ostensibly designer handbags on sale at the moment, there are few which live up to this lofty designation either in terms of performance or in their fashion credentials. In designing this women’s handbag, Isaac Mizrahi has brought out his well reputed genius to bear again as all women of fashion are certain to agree. The full leather handbag will meet your expectations in terms of utility value and also in how stylish the overall bag looks. The top zipper closure is intended to add the functionality of the bag and also secures your bag’s contents against spilling. It is easy to adjust and will not wear out in the course of normal use. The interior is fitted with an appropriate number of pouches and pockets but that is not all. There is a handy external pocket which is zippered for extra safety. This is intended for stuff you need to access with speed and convenience throughout the day.

Top 5. FRYE Melissa Shoulder Handbag

FRYE Melissa Shoulder Handbag


Declare to all and sundry that you are a woman of style and one who cares about appearances when you opt to make this your signature handbag for 2017. It is a handbag that has won over many hearts for its excellent design, quality workmanship and an interior that lets you organize your stuff and get straight to what you need without embarrassing delays. The cowhide leather material of the handbag has been finished off to a gloss, ensuring the bag further adds a bit of shine to your style. It features a synthetic fabric lining that is tough enough to withstand pressure of heavy or sharp contents without tearing. Inside is a variety of pockets and pouches which help you organize your stuff just the way you like it.

Top 4. Fraless Collection Roomy Turn-lock Closure Design Hobo Shoulder Handbag

Fraless Collection Roomy Turn-lock Closure Design Hobo Shoulder Handbag


In selecting a useful handbag for 2017, you need to ensure it is roomy enough to help you carry as much of your stuff with you without making you look out of place. This fashionable handbag will guarantee you this and more as we were able to prove in our test and evaluation process. Indeed, this handbag is so roomy that you could easily use it for shopping. The convenience of its design has given it a pair of clutch handles at the top which are not only sturdy but flexible to help fit your hands and gait. Moreover, there is an excellent shoulder strap to help you carry it with greater ease especially if your hands are otherwise occupied or if you want to move with speed. A turn lock closure guarantees you security of the contents of your handbag without making it unnecessarily too hard to get the contents when you need them.

Top 3. MG Collection Samantha Weave Belt Hobo Handbag

MG Collection Samantha Weave Belt Hobo Handbag

Chic, stylish, glamorous, quality… you will soon run out of adjectives with which to describe this handbag from MG Collection. Once you buy it and add it to your collection there is every likelihood that it will soon emerge as your most favorite handbag. For starters, its weave belt design makes it so versatile that you can pair it with different outfits and still retain your sense of style. While it is made from synthetic materials, teethes have been carefully chosen for their quality, durability and lightweight profile characteristics. The handbag is designed in the evergreen tote carry-as-much-as-you-can style that is all the rave these days. Inside you will find a number of thoughtfully arranged pockets and pouches so you can not only organize your stuff but also reach for what you want with speed when you need it.

Top 2. Fineplus Large Women’s Multifunctional Tote Handbag

Fineplus Large Women's Multifunctional Tote Handbag


A leather handbag is an essential fashion component for woman who wishes to look stylish and glamorous whether they are indoors or traipsing outdoors. In this Fineplus offer you finally have a bag that will complement your outfit, enhance your sense of style and (more importantly perhaps) give you plenty of room for all the essentials and odds on ends you need to carry with you daily. The leather material used is of genuine quality, guaranteeing longevity as well as ease of maintenance of the handbag for a lifetime of use. Inside the handbag itself you will find that it is very roomy to carry plenty of things and its well organized pockets make it easier to reach for the item you need without losing valuable minutes rummaging through the interior. We also came to love the extra long shoulder strap which helps you carry the bag with ease and fashionable poise. On whichever angle you come to regard this handbag, it is hard not to be impressed with its overall utility ass well as stylishness.

Top 1. Scarleton Large Drawstring Handbag H1078

Scarleton Large Drawstring Handbag H1078


A great handbag needs to have character of its own on top of being fashionable and fulfilling its obvious functional requirements. This is a handbag which ticks all these boxes and goes further to offer you a long lasting drawstring tote which will suit a variety of occasions. The bag is made of soft synthetic leather with glossy finish in a way that will announce to all that you have an intrinsic sense of fashion as well as a liking for the finer things in life. A removable as well as adjustable shoulder strap with a crossbody drop of 25 inches further increase this handbag’s true utility value. The handbag looks great from the outside and this quality is no less diminished when the interior is considered as well. It is not only roomy but has a wealth of pockets, compartments and pouches to carry all your knick knacks with ease.

It is only understandable that many women who are shopping for handbags these days are interested by bags which meet an exacting fashion criterion on top of being roundly functional in performance. As we have shown in the top ten best handbags of 2017, this sort of demand needs not be contradictory. Whichever of these handbags you opt to buy today, you can rest assured they will prove great value for your money. We have all the proof you need.