Lady Gaga, who performed at tonight's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, is not one to be out-outfitted. Perhaps that's why she had the most outfit changes of all the participants of the show—including the models. Most models wore two looks on the runway, but Gaga wore three there, and two other entirely different looks off stage, for a grand total of five amazing costume changes.

She then hit the pink carpet in an Alaïa lace dress:

On stage, Gaga wore a sequin jumpsuit with three variations. With sleeves:

Without sleeves:
And with a white leather jacket:
She also sang in a floral gown with her very own honorary Angel wings:
And ended it during the finale in her own Alaïa sheer lace crop top-pants set:

Lady Gaga's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show wardrobe was just as impressive as the models'. She wore five flashy looks, from classic VS lingerie to lace Alaïa numbers, but her most expensive ensemble was the one with her glittery black jumpsuit. You can blame the outfit's price on the hat alone—it cost one million dollars.

The custom headpiece—a black bejeweled iteration of her signature Joanne accessory—contains 45,700 Swarovski crystals that speckle the body of the hat and fall in 60 hand-beaded streamers.

Gladys Tamez Millinery collaborated with Swarovski to create the statement piece, which required a team of 10 craftspeople and took over 300 hours to make, according to WWD.

That wasn't Gaga's first time wearing something from the millinery, either. Last month, she wore a white wide-brim style by the label to the American Music Awards, which matched her streamlined Brandon Maxwell suit.

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