Luxury big early autumn practical single product elegant Gucci bag led Panda

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Year, Coco Chanel Duke of Westminster and Lovers spend happy hour in Scotland after the Scottish tweed, cashmere, cardigan, knitted fabrics, such as back to Paris in the future as Chanel's classic elements.

Luxury big early autumn practical single product elegant Gucci bag led Panda


This is Lafayette called "barbaric romantic" early autumn series is Lafayette's bond from Chanel in Scotland for inspiration. Then, Coco Chanel and the Duke of Westminster in Scotland spend Valentine's Happy Hour, will Scottish tweed, cashmere, cardigan, knitted fabrics, such as back to Paris in the future as Chanel's classic elements.

Luxury big early autumn practical single product elegant Gucci bag led Panda


Design director Julie de Libran to French director Francois Truffaut 1968, his work "The Bride Wore Black" as a source of inspiration to create a temptation uninhibited feeling, so decadent and elegance go hand in hand. So that the whole family can not wait to become the kind of girls mature woman's sense of conflict.

Luxury big early autumn practical single product elegant Gucci bag led Panda


Performed by photographer Steven Meisel from the early autumn mirror large ad easy to see that a continuation of T stage, bad hair, a large number of elements and masculine plaid jacket contours are demonstrating a different kind of sexy, with earthy colors Twin Pockets bags, neutral sexy charm on its head.
The use of highly stylized leather Vitello Glacé without losing functionality of the package, the continuation of the brand Prada has always been the essence of simplicity sporty leather and pockets on both sides became prominent individual elements of this series.

Luxury big early autumn practical single product elegant Gucci bag led Panda


Dior early autumn this year, the continuation of the usual modern romantic style, continues as we present simple but fancy look. Raf Simons through the transformation of the earlier work showing a high degree of practical series. And rather retro elements Houndstooth fabric pattern and men to join, showing the romantic yet tough neutral attitude.

Luxury big early autumn practical single product elegant Gucci bag led Panda



Be cool and psychedelic Givenchy early autumn series flagship, Tisci for this series of large perfusion Italy nostalgic 1970s style, black and white sepia through them. The entire series was inspired by the full force of the Italian male fashion designer Walter Albini and architect Gio Ponti. From masculine footwear, minimalist stiff package design can be seen that this will definitely be extended to the whole tough winter.

Luxury big early autumn practical single product elegant Gucci bag led Panda


2013 early autumn Gucci features minimalist design, while contains thousands of charming, pure pattern implied meaning, interwoven sketched out a series of attractive women attracted to highlight neat able at the same time also sought visually beautiful. Elegant coat, tied at the waist specially designed retro square buckle belt, with a bow decorated with patent leather high heels, wearing fine gloves, instantly chic travel.

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Old luxury Renaissance: launch a handbag is very important streets abuse

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Heritage and revival is a problem. Chanel, Balenciaga, Givenchy history of these well-known in the fashion of the old fashion house, now glow with new life, but now they have the one thing they still Mody: Chanel or neutral and minimalist pioneer it? Balenciaga or elegant facial lines it? Givenchy was Hepburn love exquisite suit it?

A few days ago , the Paris fashion house Paco Rabanne this old replaced by another designer , which is nearly two years at the helm of the brand for the third time . This is not a case that the most famous Paris fashion brands are iterative , Dior, Kenzo, YSL, Balenciaga ...... replace younger and more fashionable designer to revitalize the brand, to become more popular , a higher degree of public awareness . " trend " brand. It's like a game of customs clearance , have to find the right people and the right approach.
Became Lady Gaga's costumes , to or not ?
"Boom " is a reputation , or a public nature . "Strange can attract attention, raise awareness , but most people who pay for the fashion is to wear strange it ? " It is those who have to pioneer and well-known brand in the revival of alternative when faced with a big problem. Paco Rabanne for making such a choice. Paco Rabanne is a been forgotten after suddenly catching up in Paris old brand . Its founder , Mr. Paco Rabanne was designed in the 1960s, sheet metal , plastic sheets made of fashion , so fashionable at the time off running into the " Space Age ." However, the next few decades , which are in the money by selling perfume . 2011 , Indian Manish Arora took over the brand after a similar year, Mr. Paco Rabanne creativity to produce a so Lady Gaga, Katy Perry love the costumes . Paco Rabanne back to people's vision, it magazine covers , becoming the star of contention wear hot item . However , Paco Rabanne Company within one year after the quit Manish Arora: " We are very grateful to Mr. Manish Arora designs and brands which made tremendous efforts over the past two quarters of the powerful influence of the media but also to significantly enhance brand awareness . " they do not buy it. Manish Arora 's successor, only 29 -year-old Lydia Maurer tells the whole story : "We do not want to say no to such a star Lady Gaga , after all those clothes Paco Rabanne also part of the image , but that is not the only meaning of existence Paco Rabanne we hope that women wear Paco Rabanne like to go out , she does not have to go to work wearing Paco Rabanne , but she should not like to wear like a sculpture of the same . "Manish Arora 's design is not practical to wear , too strange , can not take to the streets . Unfortunately, the beauty successor only did one year: compared to the previous year, Paco Rabanne booming popularity , her design is too "quiet " the. Too , and back to man it ! They hired a former Balenciaga designer to produce a variety of " street beat artifact " of Nicolas Ghesquière along the way Julien Dossena. "Boom" is not just exposure and visibility , but also sales , the company wants is everyone want to buy, everyone can put on the body of the " eye-catching artifact ."
And Paco Rabanne have similar situation is the same in the 1960s that "space age" lord of the Emanuel Ungaro. Emanuel Ungaro in the 1960s known as the " fashion terrorist" , we can imagine how his design a bit . However, the 2004 -year-old designer after retirement , the brand becomes a mess , with the management of the designated heir Giambattista Valli furiously from the stove , even for the next seven designers, which also includes the notorious Hollywood star Lindsay Lohan they want to please the young , but can not find the right direction. Last year, they hired the Fausto Puglisi. Fausto Puglisi won both pompous faction Street beat Reds Anna Dello Russo 's favor , but also make sweet fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni Department will it put on the body . He will show " publicity " and " avant-garde ", Fausto Puglisi Emanuel Ungaro year's demeanor can develop into the present era of the " surge ." Recently , to become a " Chinese version of Gaga", loving fashionable Shang Wenjie on "Happy Boys" Guangzhou stadium when the judges , to wear the Emanuel Ungaro 2013 Dongkuan single sleeve wave point A dress shirt with a yellow . Do you think it is "boom" to the benefit of , or too " trendy " mean ?
Who in the world was young heart
Luxury is no longer the exclusive old lady , they quietly expanding audience , looking younger wider range of customers , to discuss young people like , fun, like FMCG , like change of trend that is let everyone pocket approach.
For this reason also , Christian Dior has been abandoned gas at times John Galliano, select the influx of young people being sought after by Raf Simons. John Galliano those gorgeous dramatic presence in the last century , the 21st century is the need to Raf Simons emphasized the "fourth sex" - not a man , not a woman , is not neutral , but the teenagers. They like novelty , creativity, personality, rather than "elegant " and " luxury ."
Kenzo benefit from this shift in the biggest brands . In the 1970s, in France Kenzo Takada established his brand Kenzo, over 40 years of brand history , Kenzo feelings in Japan and Japanese stamp trafficking . In the 1980s, these are the " boom" is described by Yi Shu character showing off grade mark , but in the 21st century, they have become " antiquated " synonymous : Its customer base leaving a middle-aged women. "Elegant" too slow, "boom" is needed is "the latest " and " fastest ." Kenzo , chairman of parent company LVMH Fashion Group, Pierre-Yves Roussel , said: "Our current need is more living things , able to attract a new generation of fans ." Then , in 2011 , Roussel provoke a wave of store Opening Ceremony in New York two Chinese main reason people Humberto Leon and Carol Lim. They bring a sweater for Kenzo , hiking jackets , baseball caps, these once and " elegant" Kenzo completely in tune with things , it also brings a tiger , his eyes red to purple label these elements. Facts have proved that these changes of shift saved Kenzo, it a makeover to become the best selling products : Last year every love fashionable young people are eager to have a Kenzo tiger shirt, this year it is printed full eye Kenzo boots.
Very hand in this regard , as well as Givenchy's Riccardo Tisci. As we all know , Hubert de Givenchy was once a good friend of Hepburn idol 1960 , he those elegant dresses and suits to become the eternal memory of the screen . Today, we talk about Givenchy, was by no means "elegant ", that is Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci: street , dark , gothic fantasy ...... is high-tech mirror printing, a head portrait , baseball jackets, pentagram , high-top sports shoes , and even its advanced customization is also a model wearing a nose ring display stand on the basketball court . Every one wants to have an influx of people Givenchy, young love it , we began with a baseball jacket with dresses , pullovers with high heels , the dress code locked drawer.
Even pedantic Chanel began an olive branch to the younger people . Although it is still selling 2.55 and tweed jackets, but the designer Karl Lagerfeld told the young man : they are "wild saint ", you can mix and match with a tweed jacket jeans , you get 2.55 with any outfit , they are not a little old-fashioned . Old Karl trying to put this into a classic old wealth youthful Tide brand : He attracted the world's most famous people tide , let them wear that same years black coat mix and match ; him constantly updated Chanel's endorsement list , Lily Allan, Blake Lively, Alice Dellal ...... each one is then teen idol ; he carefully chose to wear Chanel's representative image , there must be some styles will mix and match , tasteful girl. Chanel is not Alexander Wang, but let love Alexander Wang Karl Young people also want a Chanel.
Recruit designers, that have to choose "wave"
Old fashion houses like to complete recovery plan , not only lies in the vanguard of consciousness , but also because the designer would choose . If you want to revive an old legend , but chose an even their own brands are no longer operating the master, it may be poised to revive the long- wave will be shot dead on the beach ......
Volkswagen like those to be " placed on the altar ," the designer. There idol temperament tide is very easy to convince consumers that his design is special. This is perhaps why the Balenciaga Why 28 -year-old Chinese youth Alexander Wang to take over ; Hedi Slimane at the helm of YSL make sales gains across the board after ?
Balenciaga CEO Isabelle Guichot Alexander Wang in the choice before they claimed to find some people who have a global thinking : "A global citizen , one who knows the digital world , one knows the future direction of the retail and fashion people ." This " three one " can be understood as a basic , Balenciaga need a star designer , they have star quality , if not the brand consumers will understand at least the audience has such a designer , and Alexander Wang's "young" , " ethnic " Nicolas Ghesquière is clearly better than the other more in line with the "Three Ones " interpretation. Alexander Wang is now the young people meet interesting designer image : Asian faces, will play party, will wear the clothes , there are urban temperament, understand street culture , youth interested to know everything ...... In addition, more importantly, , the young Alexander Wang is clearly easier than those middle-aged people embrace the digital world and social media .
And Hedi Slimane, so much that he is a legendary designer , but rather that he is a star-like designer. It was gloomy as his pale Dior Homme dumping, even Chanel's Karl Father also reduced the fat to squeeze his own clothes . He became a recluse reclusive part of the legend , he casually by two black and white photographs by the media madness will spread , cited as big news. His comeback as a fashion event , to have a Hedi Slimane designed YSL ( now should be called Saint Laurent Paris, even the brand name also changed ) , not just to buy clothes so simple, it has become a pioneer label : " I wear Hedi Slimane me proud ! "
To launch a " indiscriminate street " handbag is very important
"Boom" by "trend " is also the so-called "trend" not that make people rush "new thing" Why ?
Said Celine was " Tide brand ," Phoebe Philo may identify those feelings and feminist minimalist temperament consumers will be very offensive. However , Celine designer Phoebe Philo is indeed the "bag " as a stepping stone to her market , so Celine's name into a "trend ." She did not put " minimalism " as a kind of feeling spread to the public, but with the simple and crude "hot bags " to open a window fashion lovers . Since then, carrying a leather bag to go to become a kind of fashion ; minimalism and retro bags on the market to become mainstream ; " Jiong face pack" abuse of the street ; box handbag see everywhere . Those who do not understand a point on clothing " minimalist " luxury consumers need to have access to a Celine handbag "taste ." Celine handbag is not how the nerve to claim to be a "wave " mean ?
How profitable this year Valentino old-fashioned it ? Thanks to the two young designers came up with rivets as its logo elements. Think about what the influx of people for Valentino those soft lace bow buy it ? The theme is rebellious youth , to show off , it should match the rock, rivets, even sweet sweet is dark , even sexy sexy is barbed . In a simple clutch ring inlaid rivet , in an elegant box inlaid lap handbag rivets, in a sweet circle inlaid rivet flat shoes , evening bags nailed in several large rivets ...... get these rivets products a hot , became the highest degree of brand recognition , " details ." They're wild, but also to make people aware of your grip is a one Valentino. This is Valentino " boom" up secrets.

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Roger Vivier 2013 Winter Series bags shall show sexy charm

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Roger Vivier creative director Bruno Frisoni major reshuffle of the classical creative in this season introduced a variety of unique design, will be seriously decent population into both neutral and sweet sexy goddess. Famous actress Tilda Swinton (Di Da · Swindon) specializes in the modern inject old fashion, so that the trend of the past revived; Frisoni this gift from her inspiration for Sexy Cult series adds a touch of style intellectual charm Swinton . Swinton performances mysterious, exudes a wisp of nostalgia Qingsi; with this contrast, Bruno Frisoni will also be "yesterday" and "today" link, from the German performance artist - Joseph Beuys and His Masterpiece felt art for inspiration to broad mix of leather and mirror to be re-interpreted.

Roger Vivier 2013 Winter Series bags shall show sexy charm

Roger Vivier Prismick Mirror Handbag

Whether it is day or night, full of urban and artistic Paris woman proudly Prismick handbags classic series back in the shoulder. Prismick series of adhering to the previous pattern of use and building structure design in the integration of 3D in the new winter colors and geometric patterns and stitching leather avant-garde elements, constantly breakthrough innovation boundaries. If you do not carry Prismick Ms. Vivier handbags, that her choice must be redefined modern workplace stylish Metro Square series. No matter what their choices are visible Roger Vivier in Sexy Cult series respected mature fashion, but no shortage of fantastic elements of Parisian elegance sexy fashion, which is inspired by Bruno Frisoni the core.
Main Prismick Mirror Handbag
The main push of the package this season series, its aesthetic style, once launched on the fanatical following, fiery still continues to heat up. Designers in the creation of this bag from the German artist - Joseph Beuys artwork inspired by the legendary, replaced the original gray broadcloth felt and inspired by Roger Vivier guru, this material and geometry of the mirror patent leather material ingenious stitching. Bruno Frisoni great tote clutch design with talent, he would combine elements of the two cultures, and the use of iconic lines so that the whole design very modern elegance. Prismick Mirror has two compartments, the center and a zipper pouch, ideal for carrying out, and light gold metal chain can have two wear method.

Roger Vivier 2013 Winter Series bags shall show sexy charm

Roger Vivier Prismick 3D handbags

Prismick handbags recommended
Iconic Prismick series in 2012 spring and summer for the first time appeared to stand out for its 3D effect geometric design, an introduction to become a fashion devotee favorites. The 3D effect is seen again in the season when the elements and all kinds of leather, material and color clashes intense creative spark. Series models are very stylish bag charm, whether it is with day dresses are very suitable for evening wear or the like for night dress Prismick Snow series shoulder bag, clutch, each surface elaborately decorated with small pearls, like Gone with the Wind snow scene, poetic.

Roger Vivier 2013 Winter Series bags shall show sexy charm

Roger Vivier Prismick Snow Hhandbag

Roger Vivier 2013 Winter Series bags shall show sexy charm

Roger Vivier Prismick Snow handbag

Roger Vivier 2013 Winter Series bags shall show sexy charm

Roger Vivier Metro Square handbag

Recommended daily handbag
Metro Square series set of masculine and feminine in a soft, there are small and medium-sized handbags to choose from. Founder of the shape, practical clamshell, charming handle, compact and flexible use of buckles straps, all the elements are extremely suitable for the workplace women's fashion. Color and material aspects of python skin with gold stitching, black and white one thousand Bird pony hair and ruby red or midnight black leather to choose from. Just lightly pressed with your finger can carry travel, leisurely and very avant-garde style elegance. Micro Metro and Envelope Clutch painted a large one thousand Bird or the Prince of Wales Plaid pattern, materials and design for the pony hair inject pure urban vitality. More daring styles are decorated with colorful Wallpaper pattern, and color camouflage elements Clutch places to create a sense of mystery.

Roger Vivier 2013 Winter Series bags shall show sexy charm

Roger Vivier Metro Square bags

Roger Vivier 2013 Winter Series bags shall show sexy charm

Roger Vivier Envelope Clutch

Roger Vivier 2013 Winter Series bags shall show sexy charm

Roger Vivier Mini Zip Clutch

Evening bags shall recommend
Mini Zip Clutch Wallet in black calf leather, comfortable and sweet pink velvet, with rock style zipper, lightweight and easy to carry and can be used to create more street-style look. Zip pink velvet black velvet clutch and Zip Blush small zipper bag are decorated with playful fun, light and very feminine style stucco tassels, will be strongly favored. Another Pilgrim Clutch decorated with golden camouflage pattern, while the Pilgrim mini and Boite de Nuit Clutch subsection, beautiful new style dress, decorated with gold and silver leather delicate floral pattern.

Roger Vivier 2013 Winter Series bags shall show sexy charm

Roger Vivier Zip pink velvet clutch

Roger Vivier 2013 Winter Series bags shall show sexy charm

Roger Vivier Pilgrim Clutch

Roger Vivier 2013 Winter Series bags shall show sexy charm

Roger Vivier Boite de Nuit Clutch

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Alexander Wang Balenciaga designed for the first handbag series

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Nicolas Ghesquière era Balenciaga supporters, and frankly I have entered a period of Alexander Wang's design, not yet digested and accepted. A. Wang was designed by the first Balenciaga handbags series available, for those who thought Balanciaga City Bag Handbag think of you, since you want to change. In A.Wang B-dynasty, the series called "Le Dix" handbag will be replaced. Implement his clothing line, handbags design is quite simple, practical lines of color, material stiffness, creating a feeling of elegance with decent. Single golden buckle up the entire design focus, like fortifications package that will be affected by the cut working people like it. Although the City Bag will not stop, but the thought of classic style will be replaced with a new design off the shelf, the heart still sad then.

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Louis Vuitton & Replica Handbags Secrets Revealed – Mysteries Of The Monogram!

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Replica Louis Vuitton Handbags

You know it, you love it, you can’t live without it! The monogram has become far more than a pattern, it has become a cultural icon that people everywhere in the world adore. But how much do you really know about it? There’s much more to the mysterious monogram than you might have thought…

Where to begin! Let’s start with the basics. Monogram is a coated canvas – it’s made of plain old cotton and then treated with vinyl. This not only protects it but also gives it its glossy finish. It’s very resilient and fades at a much slower pace than other materials. The process is not so expensive, which is why good designer replica handbags can recreate it with such accuracy. For example, I’ve toted my LV replica wallet around every day for eight years, taking it out every time I buy anything (and you know I love to shop!). I would say it has faded only 40% or so, which is pretty remarkable!

Replica Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas

Most Louis Vuitton bags are cut from a single piece of leather, and you’ll notice on those bags that the print on one side will be upside down – don’t be alarmed! It’s supposed to be that way, because, when the leather wraps under the base of the bag, it flips the image. There are some exceptions, such as the Artsy and the Neverfull which have flat bottoms cut from another piece of leather.

Replica Louis Vuitton Speedy Bag

Replica Louis Vuitton Neverfull

Most monogram bags are famously accompanied by the lovely gold LV locket. Most have the ‘Louis Vuitton Paris” embossed on one side, but there are others that have only the LV logo! I know some ladies panic when they get designer replica handbags that don’t have the ‘Louis Vuitton Paris” engraved, but they’re not on every locket, so they won’t be on every replica.

Replica LV Padlock

How about a few fun facts? 

You know the raw leather you find around the trim of monogram bags? That’s called ‘Vachetta’. ‘Patina’ is the way the leather darkens over time, and is considered a desirable effect. And lastly, if you want to slow down the oxidization process and give your designer replica handbags a longer, happier life, keep them in their sleeper bags. Trust me, it makes a big difference!

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What’s More Important, A Quality Replica Handbag Or The Serial Numbers? Here’s The Truth About Date Codes…

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Replica Louis Vuitton Handbag

A lot of women write me in a panic because they’ve bought designer replica handbags online, and when they arrive they are missing the infamous date codes. The first thing I tell them is to relax! Serial numbers (called “Date codes”) are very complicated, and contrary to popular belief, not every designer replica handbags has one, and not every serial number has the same format. Don’t assume you have a bad replica just because they don’t have the serial number!

Many women get so caught up with the Serial numbers they forget about what really makes great designer replica handbags – the details! Stitching, coloring, perfect dimensions – that’s what it’s all about!

Nobody is going to ask to inspect the serial number of your bag, and if they do, tell them to bug off! That’s just rude. However, someone asks you what the serial number represents or you insist on showing it, for whatever reason, let me give you a little background info.

Replica Louis Vuitton Handbag

Some people think the Louis Vuitton serial number is like a top secret code or something, but fortunately, I happen to know the secret! Since 2007, their date codes work like this: the two letters that come first tell you the country where the bag was made. After that, there are 4 digits – the 1st and 3rd represent the week in which the bag was produced. The 2nd and 4th are the year. So, 1069 would be the 16th week of ’09. If you pull out a calendar and do the math, you find that this bag was made in April.

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