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6 Pairs That Are Trending Right Now

Trends change like the wind, and despite the fact that I studied the cyclical nature of trends in college and currently work in the fashion industry, I sometimes find it hard to keep up myself. Handbag trends are of course the easiest thing for me to keep track of, as I work with them everyday. If someone were to ask me what’s currently trending in the handbag world it’s very likely that I would have a solid answer at any given moment. Shoes are another story. While I’m relatively aware, I would need a minute to really think about it before offering up my advice. Although lately I seem to be incredibly well versed on what sneakers are most current, which explains why my first pick on this list is the newest pair of kicks in my collection. I’d love to snag a couple of the others as well, if only my budget would allow it. Which trend are you most likely to dabble in?

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Nike Air Force 1 ’07 Lux($110)

Years ago I would have never considered myself a sneaker girl, nor would I have ever imagined myself becoming one, but in addition to being a handbag aficionado, I’ve become quite the little sneakerhead as well. Nike’s Air Force 1 sneaker has been around for ages, but in the last couple of years it’s popularity has increased dramatically. You can spot the classic AF1s on the feet of people of all walks of life from your average joe to the most fashion forward of ladies. I said it last year and I’ll say it again, the classic AF1s just aren’t for me. I like the idea of standing out from the crowd, and I’ve been wanting a second limited-edition pair of AF1s. Nike’s newest version features deconstructed detailing, and I love that this pair is neutral enough to wear with everything but still different and cool. These were released July 1st and if I’m being honest I ordered these as soon as they dropped. *shrugs*

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Dolce Vita Naomie Toe Ring Slides($120)

PVC is a huge trend right now, and it’s one that can also be worn on your feet, not just carried in the crook of your arm! I’m not sure that this trend will be around next year, let alone next month. And while I’m heart eyes for this pair from By Far, I definitely would not invest heavily into this trend right now.

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Prada Platform Sandals($690)

The sporty sandal trend is huge right now for summer, and though the thought of dropping big money on a pair of sandals seems kind of ludicrous, it’s a bit more practical once I justify it to myself. Hear me out. I live in NYC, meaning I walk EVERYWHERE, and often times it isn’t practical to be walking around in sandals all day. I have terrible feet and I often aim for comfort which means wearing sneakers, even when I’d rather be wearing a sandal. These are the kind of sandals I could walk in all day, similar to my Birkenstocks which I’ve had since middle school, so I wouldn’t mind investing.

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Sam Edelman Orlie Mule(Was $120, Now $72)

Mules, it seems, are here to stay and I’m all for it. A slide is much easer to stand in for long periods of time than say a stiletto or a strappy sandal, and I’m the type that likes to wear a heel when I go out. Despite the fact that I’m 5’9, my outfit for a night out doesn’t feel quite complete without one. Mules were a lifesaver for me last season, and I’m thrilled that they are still trending.

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Alexander McQueen Suede Trimmed Sneakers($490)

I’m good with my ever growing collection of Nikes (and various other brands too!), but there is no denying that the designer sneaker trend is larger than life right now. While I don’t foresee myself splurging on a pair (a girls gotta save somewhere) I definitely would put these high on my wishlist if someone were in the market to buy me a gift.

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Ancient Greek Sandals Zenobia Woven Sandal($240)

When Net-a-Porter talks, we listen, and according to them the flip flop is back. They’ve got a whole section dedicated to this noisey shoe’s triumphant comeback, and it’s called ‘The Return of the Flip Flop’. Naturally the selection features everything but your average rubber pair that squeaks, and you can find everything from leather and shearling to sculptural heels like this Cult Gaia pair.